Day 1
Who Are You, Joseph?
On this first day of our journey with Joseph, let us ground ourselves in reality. We are not God. Neither is Joseph. We do not diminish ourselves or Joseph by stating this reality. We must direct our journey and devotion to Joseph to its proper ends in God.
All devotions to saints are to be directed to the proper ends of God. Jesus is THE Savior. Even Mary directs us to Jesus. Devotion to any saint that does otherwise is idolatry.
And what of our devotion to Joseph? Surely, it should not rival our devotion to Mary, the greatest saint. But after Mary, is there any greater than Joseph? No. If God choose him to be the virginal father of the Son of God and husband to the Mother of God, we can say with certitude that he is the greatest saint after Mary and above all other saints.
And who is Joseph to us? The answer is where we see the need for devotion to Joseph. If Mary is our Mother, than her husband would be our father. Jesus shared with us His Mother and His Heavenly Father. Would He not also share with us his earthly father? Him Who gave His Life and every drop of His Blood does not keep anything for Himself.
Jesus, thank you for also sharing with us your virginal father, Joseph. Help us to foster a great devotion to our father Joseph. Amen.